Welcome. This is Soleid Music.

Soleid is a electronic music label that give you the soul and the energy of great sound.

At a time where many young labels are vying for the attention of the music-buying public, and of course, trying to work their way into every DJ’s record box – Soleid has made quite an impression.
The Vitoria-based label run by Julen Ziarrusta has released a consistent catalogue of quality music from a range of talented, and mostly new artists. In a short space of time the label has fast become one of the industries most reputable sources of good music while maintaining a high quality and a slick approach to everything they do, from the artwork, to merchandise, to parties.
Soleid is not just about music they are a collective of Freethinkers, Artists, Musicians, Illustrators & Designers (Adrian del Val) all with a view to keeping things fresh.


Very big distribution system with almost +200 aggregators.


Our designs are personalized  exclusively to the artist and to the music.


We promote all the launches around the world.


Artists, radios and press report their feedbacks and help us to support our music.


All releases spread in major social networks.


Inside our platform we enable to artists the control of his sales.
We sell quality
Created with all the needs of the artists in mind and trusted by a lot of music specialists, Soleid is the perfect solution for your business.
Amazing Integrated Videos

Impress your audience and listeners with our automatic YouTube Videos. You can't go wrong with this awesome feature.